Sample Week at Camp

Monday: Sports session (e.g. ice-skating/badminton/swimming) and ‘Footprints Bake Off’ in the kitchen. 


Tuesday: Trip into London attending an event e.g. World Para Athletics Championships integrating travel training and life-skills


Wednesday: Community day and independent travel training in London (e.g. London Zoo, The Southbank, The Sea-life Centre, London Dungeons, Hackney City Farm, Transport Museum, St Pauls Cathedral).


Thursday: Become farmers at Sweet Tree Farm: animal care (sheep, chickens, ducks, rabbits), lambing at Easter, outdoor cooking, forest school, outdoor crafts, den building, games and fire lighting.


Friday: Smoothie or milkshake making work shop and cooking lesson (morning) with a sports session and award presentation (afternoon) before farewells!


Each day will have a key social or life-skills focus e.g.


  • Building confidence

  • Coping with change

  • Positive risk management

  • Play, self-esteem

  • Turn-taking

  • Curiosity

  • Imagination

  • Cooking/budgeting

  • Building resilience & coping mechanisms