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We launched Footprints Life Camp in February 2016 and we are delighted to report we have now successfully delivered two camps with a very special group of young people.

Easter Camp April 2016

Places on our Easter camp filled very quickly and we had a fantastic week with many firsts! We headed to the beach for rock climbing, sand castles, paddling and ice-cream while getting lots of fresh sea air into the lungs! We took the first breakfast orders at the Footprints cafe and visited London Aquarium. Finally, we finished the week at Sweet Tree Farm, welcomed lambs into the world at 7.30am (!), climbed trees, looked after the animals and stayed over night in the yurt (first night away from home for some!). 

Summer Camp, August 2016

We were blessed with more sunshine and blue skies for our summer camp and welcomed another great group of young people for a packed week of activities. We did travel training sessions, learned how to make tea, toast and wash up, practiced lots of social skills, had a brilliant swimming session, explored the Southbank and made delicious fruit smoothies. We had a lovely stay in the yurt at Sweet Tree Farm and enjoyed running around the woods, caring for the animals and learning how to barbeque! 

Footprints Internships
In July 2016 we introduced paid internships for young people aged 16 years and over to allow young people on the autistic spectrum to gain meaningful work experience in a highly supportive environment. Congratulations to Francis Livsey who earned his first internship after a successful interview. Francis gained valuable skills throughout the week and said:


'Now that I’ve learned some valuable skills from the Footprints team, I’m indebted to them and I hope that one day, they could employ other students and they too can learn some valuable skills'

If you or your child are interested in a paid internship at Footprints, application packs for 2017 will be available in December. Please contact Naj D'Silva for further information (footprintslifecamp@gmail.com)

We are working hard to allow more young people to benefit from our future camps and cannot wait for next year! Thank you to everyone who has supported us so far. We are incredibly grateful.

100% of young people and parents believed Footprints Life Camp increased self-esteem, independence and social skills (2016)

100% of young people and parents would re-book and recommend (2016)

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