1. Offer specialised camps to young people with complex needs irrespective of financial circumstances.

  2. Reduce risk of social exclusion of vulnerable young people on the autistic spectrum.

  3. Promote life-skills and therefore future independence.

Farming + Outdoor Education + Life-skills

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Specialised holiday camps

To allow young people at risk of social exclusion to build self-esteem and develop key social skills to maximise future independence.

‘'Footprints Life Camp has helped me to achieve confidence and I learned how to do things independently. Caring for the animals made me feel responsible' (Francis, 2016)

Reduce risk of social exclusion

Key social skills taught through outdoor education, farming and life-skills

'This is an organisation with more energy, knowledge, patience and understanding than should be humanly possible. They are like magicians, turning nervous, anxious and frightened kids into empowered, confident independent young people full of life & self-esteem. It needs to be seen to be believed!' (Dawn, parent, 2018) 

Promote life-skills and Independence

Footprints Life Camp aims to unlock the potential of young people on the autistic spectrum and give them the tools to empower themselves towards future independence.

''I loved Footprints Life camp, I got to do loads of cool stuff and now I can make tea and toast for my Mum by myself!' (George, 2016)

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 100% of young people and parents believed  Footprints Life Camp increased self-esteem,  independence and social skills. 

100% of young people and parents would re-book and recommend (2017)

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